I lost d Challenge

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom always told me stories about the first day in my school. Parents were standing with their kids in the school premise. Kids were not ready to leave their parents and go to a new world. I had no tears in my eyes. I was very happy. Mom left me in my class and left. I don’t remember what happened next.

Mom tells me that when she came to pick me up, I wasn’t ready to go with her. I cried a lot. And I was not ready to leave seema mam(my first teacher)She had told mu mom that I was very talkative

Throughout my school life, I was the most talkative student in my class. All my report cards had a special comment “Very talkative”. Whenever my parents went to the parents teacher meet there were a lot of complaints about me. And one of which was “she talks a lot in the class”

I never realized it till yesterday that I was actually talkative. Dad had challenged me to keep quiet for half an hour. I was quiet for 5 minutes and after that damn I wanted to talk. There were hundreds of things popping in my mind. I started to act in front of mom. Luckily she understood. :P But I couldn’t keep quiet for longer. And I lost d challenge…

Have to practice to keep quiet.