What is this feeling?

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Few days before I was very excited about going and staying in the hostels. Thoughts of becoming independent, taking my own decisions and no one to ask me why, where, when and how. Life will be just the way i want it to be .Everyone says hostels are fun.Even i wanted to hav that fun.and here it is, I am going to hostel to do my MBA.I should be happy.But i am not.As d days are nearing, I don't feel like going to a hostel.Again a college life is gonna begin.And i am so ready for it.(ahh.. because of the movie ready, whenever ready word cums to my mind, dhinka chika follows) Right now i am having a mixed emotion. "HAPPY + ?". Trying to find out the "?" mark. I know there is no answer to it. It will just end the day I reach hostels and my classes start.