Letters From The Past

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Everyday comes with a new desire, a new wish, a new want. It may be a small one like get a new nail paint to a really big one like i want to buy a house for myself. If we actually start making a list of all our wishes we would actually want the world one day. And what is wrong in wanting everything. Won’t you be the happiest to find out that you have everything that you ever wanted. But that's not what happened in my case.

Few years back, i and my sister had an idea to write letters to the future us. So we did. We wrote the letters and sealed it. We decided to open them after 10 years. We both opened those letters few days back.

None of my wishes had come true. Oh no.. i am really glad they didn't come true. I might have been in a much settled and stable place if any of those wishes had come true. I might have been happy too. I might have ended up like every other women, happily ever after. I might have never known this side of me.

Talkin about the ‘this side of me’ very unstable, very moody, do not know where life is taking me, very very confused, very bad at taking decisions, sees the world in a very different way (which is somehow unacceptable by the so called sound people) and a bit lost. (but you need to be lost to be found :P)

Dude, positive aatma i am.. No doubt I lose track at times, but who doesn't. So what if i haven't achieved everything that you have within the particular time frame. You were never my competition. Infact i am not in competition with myself. See, what i wanted 10 years down the line is not what i want now. And yes, i do not know what i want in my life. This part keeps changing every now and then.When something goes wrong in your life, people say jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai. Why don't people say it when things go right in your life?

Take a pause, Take a break, Breath and shine again. Of Course things will go wrong. Your plan A might not work as per your expectations.(Mine never does) But you keep going on.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear Women,

Choose a life you want. Live the way you want to. If you find eyes judging you.  Do not stop. Those judgy eyes did not have the courage to live their life. 

Women,  you are wonderful and powerful.  You tend to manage your life so well even with those mood swings. Your life is not easy.  It never has been. Cos you are a women. But you have not learnt to give up. Your home,  your office,  your friends. You know how to work through.  You know how to manage.

Then why give up this time?  No one tells you how to live your life.  No one tells you what to wear or what time to reach home.  You can take care of hundreds of issues. Then why not this one.

Time to stop being a victim.

You don't need the world to rescue you. You are your own savior. You are powerful.

Learn to defend.