I love Sketching

Monday, April 25, 2011

There is a big story behind my drawing classes too.The first drawing class i went to was in Mumbai which was then called Bombay.I don't remember much about those classes. I remember sir had many turtles. And i used to hate them.

I never payed interest in my classes.If sir taught me coloring using crayons i would tell him to teach me water color. I used to get new colors every class and spill it in his floor. I liked coloring d walls n floor more than coloring in a drawing book. :P I was a little girl at that time.I was in 1st class.

After moving to Hyderabad preeti didi was my teacher.It so happened that my teachers alwayse changed.but i never changed.Preeti didi was my mom's frnds daughter.So i had got more privileges.She used to draw boxes and circles and ask me to fill it up wit colors.I hated doing it. When i was asked to draw something, i told her to draw for me ans i used to fill it up with colors.I was asked to replicate the same drawing on another page and get it.Next day i used to bring the drawing and feel very proud of it(when i see tat drawing book today, i wonder why was i proud :P)

I never payed attention to any of my classes. But i had lot of fun wit didi. She is great that she handled me so well for 2 months.(I was in class 5).That was my last drawing class. I never joined any drawing class after that.

My Music Classes

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Music saves my soul. I love listening to music and singing. But learning music in a class was what I never wanted to do. I remember a sir used to come home to teach me Hindustani music. He used to play a Harmonium and ask me to repeat after him. I always gave him a frowning look. I nwas never ready to play the harmonium. But when I was forced I agreed to play the keyboard but sir used to push the d bellow. He always complained my dad “SHE IS NOT PAYING ATTENTION” But things never improved and finally a day came when my music sir ran away. That was the happiest day in my life. I was free on Sundays, no one forced me to play harmonium and I could play for more time.

After a year my mom forced me to join Karnatic music classes. My first day in that class was horrifying.I saw everyone singing and doing some hand movement and hitting their laps(later I came to know, it was called taal). Days went on and I was only pretending to sing. My teacher realized it very soon and she started telling me to sing individually. Soon she stopped taking classes for some personal reasons and the smile on my face never faded.

Happiness doesn’t last long. It’s very true. Mom arranged karnatic music classes at home. This was worse than the previous class Because I was alone .I could not pretend to sing, I could not hide myself behind some tall guy. Huh… My sister moon, Pooja, Richie and W joined the class with me. And I was very glad to know that none of us were interested in learning. Beginning of a karnatic music class was SA PA SA PA SA( SAAP SAAP…. Hiiissss hiisssssssis what we did) As the class used to start W used to make a excuse of loo n never come back. Then we all made the excuse of calling him and we used to run away. Sometimes we used to appreciate sir very much. Don’t get me wrong. We were never good. He became flattered when we appreciate and he sings, his eyes closed. “Wah….. Don’t stop sir….. Such a nice voice……. Very nice…… “these words were enough. 2 hours always passed away like this. And we never learnt.

The biggest blunder we did was on the stage. Instead of singing we were doing a combo of singing and laughing. The microphones in front of us made it worse. Mom was very annoyed with me for days. But it wasn’t my fault at all. :P

And finally the day came when sir stopped coming . He was my last music sir. I never liked him till he was my teacher. But he is my favorite music teacher now.

PS: I had given a music exam and passed it in 1st division :P