And It’s again a Valentine Day

Friday, February 14, 2014
Fall In Love or Fall In A Pit….. Its all the Same
Songs of the Season: Kina Grannis’ “Be my Valentine” or Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me”.  Listen to these songs. And if u like them, sure you are in love and you are celebrating your Valentine Day.
It’s always a good feeling to fall in love with someone. Every single damn thing turns out to be romantic. Books, Music, Flowers, Chocolates, Rain, Sunrise, Sunset, Beach, Air….. Every single God damn thing looks beautiful. Red and Pink actually become colours… It feels that you are part of a fairy tale. Everything seems so right and bright. “Pehela Nasha Pehela Khumar… Naya pyar hai naya intezar…..” wala feeling bhi sahi hoti hai.

Love, Relationships, Break ups, Patch Ups has become a trend today. Who wasn’t in a relationship!! Who has never fallen in love!! I doubt if such a person exist. (And if u exist, please fall in love atleast once) Does love “the feeling” really exist… or it’s just the bloody hormones playing its games. Whatever it is… one should fall in love atleast once in their lifetime. Its an out of the world feeling. The world looks lovely. Actually everything looks
gorgeous. Dusre duniya ke log ban jate hai tab. My friends might be wondering that these words are coming out of me. But yes it is!!!!!!!! Love and relationships are two different
things. And I am talking about falling in love. I never regret falling in love. But a relationship sucks “big time”.
A person who has fallen in love once will always be in love… be it with the same person or a different one. But they would keep falling for it.
My friends told me that it’s a must that I put down my views on Valentine day in my blog. I sat down with a blank page for hours with no thought striking my mind. Love is complicated.. and so is the day and so is this topic.. I hate you people for making me write this. For people who are actually in love, it’s a valentine day every day. For people who are single, it’s just another day. And For people who just got single… It’s actually your Valentine Day :P  And about me I just love to see how the world celebrates this day.
Love is in the Air………..
Kuddos To Those in a Relationship and Cheers to all the SinGalzzzzzz
Happy Valentine Day to All.

Life Uncomplicate

Monday, February 3, 2014

Life Gives You Back What You Give It.
Just like the ocean gives you back what it takes from you or a person treats you just the way you treat them. Life does the same. It’s just a matter of time. But it comes back to you. Treat life like a precious little thing and life will be “enchanting”. Treat it the other way and you are screwed. I had my own good times and bad times. Whatever it was, I know that my life is treating me just the way I have been treating it. And there is only one word to describe it. “MOODY” (people who know me would actually agree to the fact that I am very moody)….. n Hell Yaa…. My life has become moody.  My life is having “Mood Swings”.
Things turned out to be ugly and stressful for me. I wasn’t sure of what was right and what was wrong. I started overthinking everything that went wrong. And it was a vicious circle. But now I have learnt to deal with my life, a way to make it simple and rejoice as much as I can. I have created rooms in my life with large and small doors and windows. The happy rooms have got large doors and small windows and the sad rooms have got small doors and large windows. All I need to do is hop out of the windows of the sad rooms and walk into the happy rooms. If life gives you one reason to cry then there are a thousand of reasons to be happy in life. Its just that our visions get weak because of the tears. It’s difficult to find those thousand reasons to be happy. But find five. N lock yourself in those five rooms. Life will become easy. This is the only mantra I am following now.
Mumbai taught me things, the harder way. (Though, I have always learnt the harder way). But for some reasons I am at peace now.  I feel stronger and confident. There are no regrets, no anger, and no grudges. I just know that I will find a way out. And if not me, my life will.
“Cos life is a bitch and it will surely give back what you have given it.”