First Day at College

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Our car was standing outside the IMIS gate and waiting for the gate to open. My heart was pounding. I was happy to start a new life at IMIS but there was a fear somewhere within.As i entered the colleges i saw many students and their parents walking with their luggage to their rooms.Boys rushing to one side and girls rushing to another side.And there were hundreds of thoughts rushing in my mind.By the time few people came picked up my luggage and started to head towards my room.
I reached my room.Mom and dad were seeing the room and i wanted to run away.I wanted to scream and cry and tell them i dont wanna study here. But i acted d other way.Kool and casual.Soon mom n dad left.i was sitting all alone in my room.This was the first time in my life when my dimag had become totally blank.i wasnt thinking anything.I sat there for almost 2 hours and had no clue of what was i going to do next.i wandered in the corridors and found all the doors locked.I went to the other floors and started looking for people whose frequency would match with me.luckily i found them.Seema, Sangeeta, Pooja, Ankita and Pragyan.All of us were in the same state of mind. The first 24 hrs we spoke like the worlds greatest pessimists. We were into our senses very soon.. And today its more than 1 week in IMIS.I am happy.And I hav learned to live my life.
I will  be writing on "My life at IMIS" very soon... till then stay happy. :)