The 3 Virtues of Life: Past, Present And Future

Monday, November 25, 2013

It is said Learn from your Past, Live in your Present and Plan for your Future.

Sometimes people are so worried about their future that they forget to live their “Today”. People forget to live, forget their closed ones, forget all emotions, love, friendship and keep running and struggling to make a tomorrow.

Just a thought!!!!!  What if u die just a fraction of second before your perfect future arrives. U never lived your life then!!!!! You spend the whole life running after making something which you could never live. Moreover, when that future comes, it would be your present (at that time frame) and because of your so called aadat or fitrat, you would be running after another future. Then when would live your life?

I keep telling myself this, a hundred times a day. But I guess this is a human tendency to think about the future and mess with your present.

I want to live in the moment. Live every colour of my life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow. I find it very difficult to do it on a daily basis. But yet I wanna do it. Everyone lives their life. I wanna make mine an experience for lifetime.

I just wanna make my journey of life “Happening”. And what is life without Ups and Downs and Highs and Lows….

So, here we go life……

Screw the Past. Celebrate your Present and Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho.

One day you will have to lose

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am 26. An age where there is a thin line between your dreams and reality.(And you are standing on that thin line) And now you gotta hop on one side..  Choose on which one you wanna compromise!!! Why?? The answer is simple.. Cos you are 26 and the clock is ticking and though it is your life, people are more interested in it. So get set go and hop. Want it or not, you gotta hurry and take a side. You wanna keep both!!! Well, your fate wasn’t written with golden ink, so hop.

What if u wanna stand on that thin line for longer???? A decision will be taken for you. And you will be pushed to one side. How???? With hell lot of Emotional Drama... And not only that... there would be some stupid, irrelevant and illogical arguments where you would never win. Cos the argument will not end till you are proved 100% wrong. Now if you are smart enough you would keep quiet. Cos tats the only way to bring this argument to an end. Cos that’s d way it is meant to be.

So now what??? Do I really need to choose a side? Cant life go on the way it is. Do I really need to do what everyone does? Can’t I choose my own way of living? Can’t I live it the way I wanna live it.

These are called “the haunted questions” There are no answers to these. You are asked questions but you are not supposed to answer. And you will have to deal with this till you actually decide to lose.

Well, in my case…. I am not yet ready to lose. :P

PS: Blogging again cos of few sweethearts in my life who keep asking me to write. Amit Kumar Singh and Pragyan Mohanthy.

Dancing to the Tune of Life

I wish there was a way where I could just have a small glimpse of what my future looks like. Just a snapshot would do. But I just wanna know. Why the sky doesn’t shouts and gives me a lil hint about my future. Y are all these privileges for only those Satya Yug people.. I am tired of solving puzzles of my life all the time and wondering about what the hell is written for me. (Or did the upar wala just forget about me).

Every time God rolled “The dice of Fate” to decide my fate, I have fought with every possible means to get out with my own ways. Trying to get what I want and not what is written for me was always difficult, but on every step life has taught me a lot. Might be I was destined to learn this way. Every fight taught me, losing is sometimes important. Every win taught me, Wining is always not important, sometimes losing makes you happier. Every argument taught me, I am not right always. Every smile taught me, u will need someone to share your happiness with. Lonely days taught me, life cannot be lived alone. Staying away from parents taught me how wrong was I at times. (Almost always, I guess) Heartbreaks made me stronger. That Lil princess I fought all my life with was the best gift I ever got. (Moti, Gelu pachu… Don’t flatter yourself now) Anger, grudge, hatred taught me to forgive and forget. Wanting instant results taught me how to be patient in life. Sometime a best friend turns out to be a worst enemy and a worst enemy turns out to be your well-wisher. Expecting too much from life taught me to be content with what I have. (OMG!!!! That’s too much of Gyanbaazi…) Now I just wanna accept whatever comes on my way. An affirmative statement for every question thrown on me. (Well… I know that’s neva gonna happen)

What would I do if I know what’s in my future. Would I accept it quietly? Or would I go crazy to make some changes in it and lose all my piece of mind over it. I guess some pages are better unrevealed.

"I guess life has got its own ways. Sometimes you just need to decide on turning the page of the book or change the book. "